Brendon Urie reading a fan's sign out loud: "I didgeridoo love you."
Brendon Urie: Well I didgeri-don't mind that, darlin'.
ryanisgospel: rYAN ROSS IS BEAUTIFUL

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Calling all Panic! at the Disco fans!!!


Hey guys!!! I really need your help.

One of my dear friends Randall was involved in a swimming accident earlier today. He was at the lake with friends when they all decided to jump off of the dock. Randall jumped and hit his head. He was knocked out on impact. One of the friends pulled him out of the water just in time. He had water in his lungs and was still unconcious. Randall was rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctors concluded that Randall had a few fractured vertabrae and he might be paralyzed. Randall has been in and out of sugery all day and he is fighting as hard as he can. But this isn’t why I’m reaching out to you all.

Randall is a HUGE Panic! at the Disco fan. He looks up to those guys as role models. He started a band called Midnight Montage, picked up guitar, and pursued music because of these guys. This is a YouTube video of Randall covering Folkin’ Around ( ). He has a few videos of himself singing Panic! and Fall Out Boy songs on his instagram profile ( ). Randall had tickets to go see Panic! on August 19th at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Spring, TX. Because of today’s accident and the exent of these serious injuries he won’t be able to attend the concert.

I don’t know what exactly can be done in this situation but if there’s any way we could at least get his story back to Panic! I know he would truly be thankful that so many people came together to let his idols know what they really mean to him.

So if you guys could help us to reach out to Panic! and let them know his story, we would be very gracious. Please reblog this, tweet this, and share this with as many people as possible. If anyone has a direct way of contacting Panic! and there is anything they would like to do for him or say to him please message me on here or at for Randall’s personal info.

Thank y’all so much!!

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dallonweekesdoingthings:  Dallon relives his past career as a Spice girl



this was my favourite panic! at the disco era

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"Yo, I’m ready for my debut appearance. They call me El Dirtarado. The fuck is up, motherfuckers?"

William Beckett - Genuine and Counterfeit FYE show - Philadelphia, August 2013


thnks withlovefromnatalia for recording it xx